Air Rifle Shooting

Air Rifle Shooting

Set in natural woodlands at High Lodge, our air rifle range offers 5 ranges with field targets on each which are set at various distances.

Our set up enables owners of air rifles the opportunity in coming to High Lodge at their leisure for practice during current clay shooting opening hours.

If you do not own an air rifle, we are able to provide individual air rifle instruction.

Please see our tariff below for further information on prices.


Please do not forget these safety rules which apply to all air rifle shooters and spectators

It is compulsory that everyone who enters the shooting area (and that includes air rifle shooting), wears eye, ear and head protection at all times.

Spectators may accompany shooters, but shooters retain responsibility for their spectators.

Guns must be broken at all times until in the shooting position, unless carried in a sleeve.

Keep to the paths and obey all safety signs.

We highly recommend the wearing of closed footwear and rugged clothing.

Children under the age of 6 years are not permitted in the shooting area.

Air Rifle Charges (for those who do not require instruction)

    £10.00 per person

Air Rifle Charges for Instruction

  • 1 hour individual instruction (juniors & adults)£48 for the hour including pellets